You Give Me a Heart On--MUG

You Give Me a Heart On--MUG

$5.00 $16.99

"You Give Me a Heart On"

Fun, playful, and a little sassy--everything a coffee mug should be, right?! Fill with candy hearts for a fun Valentine's Gift!

  • Image printed on both sides--Having a bunch of white space is boring. Also, some of us are left-handed. We see you, left-handers
  • Dishwasher safe. Rinse it out, and toss it right into the top rack (recommended) of your dishwasher! The image will not rub off.
  • Microwave safe. Warm some delicious soup or make a mug in a cake for an extra delicious one person dessert.
  • 15oz to hold more of the good stuff!
  • Unlimited Uses! Oh, you didn't know? This mug does not discriminate. It holds all liquids. It holds gift cards, and tissue paper. Even dirt. Plant a succulent. 
  • Printed in the U.S. All of our mugs are printed in house in the USA
  • If you ever find the need to submerge a hot mug in cold water, don't do it! It will crack, and your mug will never be the same.