Epoch® Polishing Bar

Epoch® Polishing Bar

$10.00 $23.00


  • Gently polishes, leaving skin feeling clean and fresh.
  • Removes dirt, excess oil, and other impurities without the use of soap.
  • Deep woods fragrance is reminiscent of the Pacific Northwest.
  • $0.25 from each Polishing Bar sold goes toward the Force for Good campaign, which assists various cultures and projects around the world.
  • Safety-Dermatologist-Tested.
  • Containing Glacial Marine Mud and sisku’pas (ground bark)—used by Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest to smooth the skin—this soap-free, allover deep cleanser effectively cleanses while helping slough off dead skin cells for a smooth, clean feeling.

    In order to improve manufacturing of Epoch Polishing Bar and make the bar more sustainable, changes have been made. It will be transitioning from an off white/grayish color with red stripes over to a solid color that is light red in tone. These changes visually impact its appearance, but it is the same exact formula with the same beloved benefits and experience.