Welcome to my introductory blog post!

Bailey Tebow

Posted on July 18 2019

Welcome to my introductory blog post!

Hey guys! Bailey here from Triple Blessed Boutique! Welcome to my introductory blog post! I am excited to share some fun ideas, thoughts, and of course fashion with you! If you ever have any ideas for new blog posts or simply have something you'd love to learn more about, please let me know! 


If you’re new around here and have no clue who I am let me just share a bit about me! Like I stated previously, I manage the boutique Triple Blessed Boutique located in Broken Bow, NE! But I’m a born and raised Kansas girl and visit frequently since all my family still lives there! I graduated from K-State where I studied Apparel Design and Marketing and met my sweet husband, Tyler! We now have one adorable toddler named Everett and two fur babies, Ruger and Moose! I’m so thankful for my position at Triple Blessed as it’s given me an outlet to be creative and fulfill my true passion, helping women feel empowered and confident through fashion! So, with that said, let’s dive into this thing!

I thought this first post should definitely be fashion related seeing as I manage a boutique and am writing on behalf of Triple Blessed! (makes sense right? haha) So what better topic to chat about than TRENDS! I know it's hard to think about Fall and Winter right now, especially if you're from Nebraska like us and feel like winter JUST ended, not the mention the fact that it's currently a billion degrees outside and a humidity level of a thousand! Oh btw, I tend to exaggerate quite a bit, so hope that's okay! ;) Either way, its friggin hot out! BUT Fall is right around the corner, and for boutique buyers it's basically already here as we are already scouting and buying fall and winter items so we can ensure our store is nice and packed full, ready for when the cooler weather hits! 

Okay, so I have compiled a nice little list of what I think to be some of the top trends we'll see for Fall this year. Now, these are based off of some trend reports as well as what I've noticed while Jamie and I have been doing our pre-buying! Of course, when we get to market next month (Viva Las Vegas, Babyyyy!) we'll get a better idea for what is going to be the hot items! 


First up!


If you know me at all, you know I have a deep love and admiration (yes, I know what that word means and I'm totally choosing to use it at this moment) for leopard print! I can't even tell you all the pieces I own that involve leopard print! Jumpsuits, cardigans, shoes, the list goes on and on! To me it's a print anyone can rock and a print I firmly believe everyone SHOULD rock! It's flattering on every figure, a touch of it or a whole outfit, it all looks good! Leopard print is definitely still going strong this year so be on the lookout for some more fun pieces provided by yours truly, Triple Blessed! 

In addition to leopard print, snake skin is making a big splash in the fashion industry and we are seeing more and more of it incorporated in pieces like handbags, shoes, and even jackets! Now, personally it's taken me a bit longer to get on board with this one because frankly snakes are just flat out gross. BUT I am definitely coming around to the idea, or maybe should just say I'm giving into the fashion peer pressure, but I'm really starting to dig it. Especially when it comes to shoes! I think snake skin print makes for a fun pop of interest to an array of outifts! So, if you aren't totally sold on the idea of a full on leopard print jumpsuit or snake skin dress, maybe start small by incorporating the pattern in a handbag/clutch or your shoes for a fun, minimal pop while still staying "on trend"!


Simply put, think military type, structured garments! I love when this trend is incorporated in rompers or jumpsuits! Its a bold, sophisticated look as it includes a structured collar, usually a structured waistband, and some button details! This look can also be achieved with jackets which make great transitional and layering pieces for fall and winter. This trend is most often seen in more subtle or neutral colors such as beige/khaki, olive green (my fave), and black! This is a style I'm excited to scope out at market and see what and how designers are incorporating it! 


Alright, this one is a controversial one--if there's such a thing as controversy over fashion....but you either love oversize sweaters or you just haven't figured out how to love them 😉ha can you tell which side of the fence I'm on? Yes, I love me a good over size sweater because first up, you can eat however much you want and no one but your sad, full belly will know!! Okay, but really in the dead of winter over size sweaters are your best friend! They allow your winter bod to just let loose and I know we can all appreciate that! I love layering these sweaters over a lace bralette and doing a cute little front tuck with the sweater if possible for a little bit of shape. Wear them with ripped skinny jeans or your favorite comfy leggings! Whether you love them already or not, these will be big this season, and if you're still on the fence or need some help styling them, well you know where to find me! I'd love to help ya out!


The colorblock trend has been a little in and out lately, but for fall and winter it is definitely back! I've mostly seen it in the form of cardigans! Designers are grouping all different colors together to make some awesome layering pieces for fall and I couldn't be more excited! I love color block pieces because it's a great way for people to get out of their comfort zone and try new colors without having to wonder if the pieces coordinate. The designer has taken the guess work out of it for you! Just grab a chunky knit color block cardigan, throw a neutral top on under and you're all set! (Obviously, don't forget the part where you choose a pair of pants, figured that was a given but I wanna make sure all my literal people are covered!) 


Okay, the final trend I'm going to touch on is probably not a trend you're gonna see walking the runway, but it is a trend that will be popular throughout boutiques across the country! Some people might think the "popcorn" sweater is dead and over, but from what I've started to see, it's a cozy trend that's showing up in lots of brand look books lately! Again, I'll be anxious to see if we notice a lot of this when we're at market in a few weeks. Either way, I do happen to like this trend if you're going for the "comfy, casual look". Ya know, the coffee shop sitting, netflix binging, bruching with the hubs kind of Fall Saturday look. I love me some clothes that feel like blankets and popcorn sweaters definitely fit that category. 

Well, or as we say in Kansas--Welp, there ya have it folks! My top 5 trends I think we'll be seeing a lot of this Fall and Winter! I would love to know what trends you're excited about or which ones you're totally over or not looking forward to! Also, be sure to let Jamie and I know what pieces you're excited for in the upcoming season so we can keep our eyes out at market and make sure we're finding what you're looking for!

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