Our Story...Our Beliefs...Our Values

Jamie Eberle

Posted on January 18 2021

Our Story...Our Beliefs...Our Values

To our valued friends of Triple Blessed Boutique


So I just started writing this to share with you our story and about what we believe and what our purpose is at Triple Blessed.  There is a lot of depth to us that many may not know. About 7/8 years we were going through our process of In Vitro Fertilization, long story short I was born with a rare disorder and then also had a tube removed from a trauma. Learning that years ago was a hard day just as a person and also as a woman, and got even harder telling Troy (my husband) not knowing what the outcome of that conversation would be!


Why am I telling you this...this is the foundation of which it begins.


Starting and going through this process was a lot, a lot of travel, doctor appointments, blood work , tests, everything. This process was very hard on my body with hormones and my mental health. During the hormone shots it was very un comfortable to wear clothes, it also was hard mentally not feeling like a “normal” woman. (If that makes sense). I was very depressed and down, and one day I noticed my hometown friend’s post on Facebook about a new clothing line she was in love with, it had comfort and was unique.  So I was intrigued and ordered a pair of leggings and a dress from her, and she was right they felt amazing, they were comfy for my injection sites and I felt good in them! It boosted my confidence and I started to feel normal again. (My normal)😉. I was so impressed and wanted to bring that feeling of confidence to other women as well, so I joined her and began selling the clothing line.  It was one of the best decisions of my life, I fell in love with helping women feel beautiful, and amazing or whatever comfort or joy it brought to them cause it was contagious.


Always wanting to expand to bring in more options for everyone from more tops, dresses, denim and of course shoes! Shoes are my obsession! Lol. So it became a storefront, that Troy named after our Triple blessings in life.  My belief through this journey in life so far is to always be “YOU”. That is what life is about. I love and strive to be different and unique, one of my favorite loves has always been creating and design I started graphic design years and years ago.... 90% of my papers have doodles all over them. Lol.


The best value is “you” so love who you are or who you are becoming. Wear what you love, and what you want because that is your way of expression and creativity. That’s what makes you unique and different is Beautiful.


If you wanna wear joggers, sneakers and graphic tee then ROCK IT!


If you wanna wear skinny jeans, booties, and a leopard print blouse then ROCK IT!


If you wanna wear a floral smocked dress and heels then ROCK IT!


Because we will be there to help you pick it out, we will be there to cheer you on and we will be there for anything that makes you feel Beautiful to ROCK IT!


DIFFERENT IS BEAUTIFUL— I came up with this tag line one day when I was looking at my three beautiful kiddos, and I believe it deep in my soul.  I know my life journey has been all of different but that’s the best part and it’s still beautiful ♥️♥️♥️




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